Social Media Management & Marketing  

I will establish or maximize your social media presence in a powerful way.


Building a social media presence on channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is essential for every business.  

Over half the world’s population uses social media every day.  That's more than 3.6 billion people! About 54% of those people search for companies and brands on social media channels. They’re looking to make a connection with your brand.

Yet, there's so much to do to build your social media presence, from creating 'About' sections to choosing the right photos to crafting enganging, share-worthy posts. You may have no idea where to start or have the time to handle the tasks.

As your social media manager, I can start your social media presence from scratch or revamp your current accounts. I’ll determine the best channels for your company and audience. Not every social media platform works for every business. 


I’ll craft creative campaigns, ads, and content that engages your audience.

But I do not stop there. Far too many businesses forget the ‘social’ aspect of social media. That’s a huge mistake. Customers feel most comfortable with companies that buld personable connections with them. Social media provides the perfect opportunity to interact and engage you’re your audience, creating that comfort and personable connection they crave.

I manage status updates, maintain updated content with daily posts, and connect with your audience, keeping them aware of your brand and what they can look forward to in the future.

With social media management, you have time to take care of business while I take care of your audience. I make sure your company is reflected in a positive light on all your digital channels and keep your audience eager for more.

Positive social media interactions build loyal customer relationships and enhance your brand identity. I have the knowledge and expertise to properly manage all your social media channels effectively.

Take a look for yourself! I crafted a company Facebook page from scratch and in just six months, grew their audience base to more than 60,000 followers, increased engagement, and

I can get the same or better results for your company.






























How it's Done

My creativity and consistency build your company’s social media presence correctly. Customers know they’re in the right place with your brand.

Knowing the right social media channels for your business and target audience ensures your company receives the best exposure from the right people.

I make social media look easy. Engaging content tailored to your audience boosts brand awareness and drives engagement.  Paid advertisements. Customer interaction. I get social so your brand gets around.

Once I begin managing your pages, expect growth as I focus on lead-building strategies that get your company more followers, more interaction, and more profits.

Are you ready to watch your brand get around?


You can be involved every step of the way or leave it all to me. 

I work closely with you to develop a social media strategy that helps your business get closer to its marketing goals. The strategy determines the type of content and frequency of posts, as well as the best means of engagement on each social media channel.

I identify your audience and learn what intrigues them. My goal is to get the conversation started and keep your customers around with quality posts and interaction. I then identify the best social media platforms to target (if requested.) 

I craft social media posts that persuade and engage the right people. Catchy headlines, trending topics, fun, and informative. Expect these qualities and more in every social media post I create for your company. 

71% of consumers who have a positive social media experience will recommend the company to friends and family.

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A social media schedule details each post on each digital channel and the post date. I will create a detailed social media calendar outlining the post title and post date to help keep your strategy intact.

I track and measure social media campaigns and their results over time using analytical tools. This ensures the best strategies, highest ROI and helps identify areas of improvement.

Next, I'll create paid  and non-paid ads targeted to the right audience for each of your digital channels. Clear, concise targeted ads drive brand awareness and lead generation.

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