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Drive traffic to your website. Convert more customers. Find your place in the business world with responsive website design.


Your website is the heart of your business in the digital world. It powers all your marketing efforts, giving customers a reason to learn more about your brand, to check out social media pages, and even to make purchases.






But your website is more than another web address. It’s your company’s home, the place many consumers first meet your brand. Your company is being judged by your website. If it is boring, dull, or ‘like all the rest,’  you are losing customers and the chance to spread your business wings.

Make sure the gavel comes down with a winning verdict by crafting a website that resonates with the audience, that sends your company’s message loud and clear.

What do customers consider a great website?

Obviously, a great website is pretty to look at, blending those feel-good colors and elements that drive customers. The website is easy-to-navigate, which is extremely important considering visitors leave pages for the next company if pages take longer than 5-seconds to load.

Your website should incorporate current SEO strategies because, well, ranking high in search engines is the top way to grow your business online. Most importantly, a great website powers your company with meaningful content that tells your story.

Don’t give the competition your customers because your company is without a website or because the current design doesn’t compel the audience.

I offer responsive website design and re-design service that incorporates all the right elements to take your company to the top.

I blend clean visual elements with modern design techniques, usability, SEO, and information to engage your audience and drive results.

Let’s work together to create a responsive website that evokes emotions that drive consumers to become your next loyal customers.

























  • Up to 8 pages custom website design

  • Meta tags and descriptions for each page

  • One-year web hosting

  • Custom domain-name

  • SEO keywords implemented using the latest Google analytics strategies

  • Attention-to-detail, personalized service

  • I understand your company, competition, and industry and incorporate innovative strategies and the latest Google SEO requirements into each website design process

  • Mobile-friendly website design

  • SEO-friendly content on each page

  • SSL-certification

  • Custom-crafted design compatible with your company's needs and goals

  • 7- 14-day turnaround (Need it sooner? Let's talk!)


Web Design Process

As a business owner, you understand your business needs. I understand how to implement strategies that cater to those needs. We'll sit down to discuss those needs before the design process begins. I want to understand your company so your website design reflects the image you need and meets your business goals.I always send a mock version of the website for your approval before it is published for the world to see.




I use your business colors or choose those that work best for your industry. I blend the right colors and elements together to evoke emotions in your reader. You have 55 milliseconds to make an impression. My innovative website design strategies make the impression that lasts. Your website design package includes unlimited stock images.


​More than half of your web traffic comes from mobile users. Further, Google penalizes businesses without a mobile-friendly website down. You need a mobile-friendly website in 2021 and beyond. My responsive website design looks great on every device and on any screen size. 


On-page SEO incorporates the right keywords and keyword phrases in the right place on each page of your website. Great SEO takes your company to higher ground by ranking high in search engine results. Statistics show most web searchers do not look past the first page of results. Let's get your website found on page one. I use strategic keyword research to find the best for your industry. Or, give me your pre-selected keywords.


Great copy givesyour audience information in a fun, engaging way. It tells your company's story and puts the right call-to-action to work in the right places. To create great content, I understand your audience and what compels them to take action. Once I identify your target audience, I craft web content that generates attention from every visitor. I include web copy for each page of your website.

94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design

75% of website creditability comes from design

What's Included
What to Expect From Me

Webfx reports the average cost to build an 8 - 16 page site at $2,000 - $13,000 -without SEO and content! 

MJEK Marketing offers a fully customized  responsive website for just 


Website redesign - Up to 8 pages


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