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Surprising Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or guest posting is the act of writing a blog to be published on another website. It might seem counterintuitive to hire a professional blogger to publish work on a third-party website rather than on your website, but that is not the case. Guest blogging is an impactful marketing strategy that drives traffic back to your website, increases brand recognition, and improves your bottom line.

Numerous opportunities for guest blogging are out there. Keep in mind that you want to find sites that are not in direct competition with your own. It would be pointless for a company to post a blog that directed traffic to their competition. Choose a site in the same niche, but different than your own.

Most website owners accept guest blogs of interest at no charge, although some may charge a fee to publish the blog. In such a case, the investment is usually worth the cost.

Guest blogs do astonishing things for your company and website. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

Generate More Website Traffic

The biggest perk of guest blogging is that it drives more traffic back to your website. The guest blog attracts a wider audience of people who will click links included in your article. This allows them to visit your site to learn more if they like what they read.

Generate Backlinks

Backlinks improve SEO, giving your website better search engine placement and visibility. The higher your SERP, the more traffic it will get. Backlinks make your site look more credible and trustworthy. If an expert recommends your company, surely you are trustworthy.

Every guest blog you post earns another backlink to your website.

Choose trusted, authoritative websites for backlinking purposes. Backlinks from low-ranking websites may have the opposite effect and hurt your rankings and credibility.

Build Brand Visibility

Guest blogging can build brand visibility, putting your company name in the ear of more people who, hopefully, visit your website, social media pages, or tell friends about your services and products.

The more consumers familiar with your brand, the more likely they’ll return when they need the services you offer. Even people who do not return are now aware of your brand and may very well reach out in the future.

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