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Jake Paul-Style Marketing Tips

Updated: May 5

Looking for a few good marketing tips? Maybe it's time to learn from a pro- Jake Paul.

Jake Paul Marketing Tips

Some people love him; most people despise even a mention of his name. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the one, the only Jake Paul, who in three short years, caused an uproar in the boxing world alongside his brother Logan.

Paul holds a 3-0 record, has some of the biggest names in MMA and boxing calling him out to fight, and earns $500,000 or more per fight. Paul has accomplished things MMA fighters and boxers with years of experience could not.

How does a former Disney star turned YouTuber crossover to boxing and make a name for himself so quickly? Jake Paul is a great marketer!

Click here to check out this list of Jake Paul style marketing tips and tell me if you agree.

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