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How to Land More Website Traffic

Updated: Mar 25

Getting traffic to your website feels great, but if the traffic doesn’t convert, it doesn’t help your bottom line. Business owners need strategies that convert website traffic to customers. The following proven strategies help land more website traffic that encourages visitors to take action.

1- Do Not Ask So Many Questions

Ask for as little information as possible in an opt-in form, whether an email newsletter or a freebie offer. Decreasing fields in forms can increase conversions by 10% - 15% and sometimes more.

2- Don’t Forget Your Guarantee

You are confident in your services, right? Right. Prove your worth to customers by offering a guarantee on your products and services. Customers like that because it builds trust with your company.

3- Call-to-Action

Test out several different calls to action to determine which works best for your audience. Do not limit yourself to the traditional “Contact Us” or “Click Here” CTA. Try action-grabbing calls to action such as “Hurry before it is gone” or “Grab Your Offer Today.”

4- Testimonials

Show off a little bit. Testimonials reduce risk to the consumer. They provide social proof that your company, product, or service does what it promises. Add testimonials to your email opt-in web page, to landing pages, and on a separate section of your website.

5- Show Off Your Personality

Customers want to do business with companies they can relate to. The best way to relate is by using personable words, ads, and information. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke or share a funny meme now and again. Steer clear of controversial topics (politics, for example) for best results.

6- Show Off the Benefits

Customers want to know how your product will benefit them and solve their problems. They want to know what makes it different than other products and why it's worth the money. Always list a detailed product description offering these details.

7- Recommend Products

Keep customers engaged with links to related products and informative content across your website. This builds trust and showcases your company as an expert.

Land more traffic to your website and convert them to loyal customers using the 7 simple strategies above. Your website is the heart of your business. Make sure it mixes the right elements to send customers the right message and success is the outcome!

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