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"Finna" One of 600 New Words Added to Dictionary

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Expand your vocabulary with these new word dictionary additions.

“Finna” is one of more than 600 words has added to their website.

Defined by as a "phonetic spelling representing the African American Vernacular English variant of 'fixing to," finna is a word that younger people say more often than older adults.

Several new dictionary words are those you've likely heard this past year. Those words include:

· BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)



·Second-gentleman (in re to Kamala Harris’ husband’s position in the White House)



Recent dictionary updates include many coronavirus-related and racial justice entries.

The most recent update also saw 94 new definitions and 700 new word pronunciations. One of the most important updates saw the noun ‘slave’ replaced with the adjective enslaved or by referencing slavery itself.

The word “Vote” also received a definition update. The definition now reads: “an informal expression of approval, agreement, or judgment.”

Tons of other cool words also made the update. Enhance your vocabulary with words like:

  • Reification: “The act of treating something abstract, as if it were a concrete object.”

  • Adroitly: “With expert or dexterous use of the hands or body; nimbly.”

  • Pugilistic: “Relating to or involving fighting with the fists, especially professional boxing.”

2020 Saw the Biggest Dictionary Update Ever

In September 2020, added more than 15,000 new entries to its database. This was their biggest update ever. Most new entries resulted from the year’s events, from the pandemic to the protests.

The update included:

·2,100 new word definitions

·650 new words

·1,700 new pronunciations

Some of the new words added during this update were:

· MeToo


·Emotional support animal


Dictionary also changed capitalization of the word "black" when referring to a person. This aligns with the proper capitalization of other ethnic groups, such as Hispanic and Irish, while giving culture and identity to black people, according to the website.

Longest Words in the Dictionary

While we are on the topic of words, you’ll find many interesting choices in the dictionary. Some of the words might be difficult to pronounce, considering they’re 12+ letters long. For example:

- Antidisestablishmentarianism

- Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

- Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Try saying the above words once or twice. We all know the last word but the rest are more difficult than reading a foreign language. The word was a fun part of our childhoods after all.

Looking at the other words makes my eyes hurt. I don’t know how to begin to pronounce these words, even hearing someone else say them.

I need a more sophisticated tongue, I suppose. I think I would much rather avoid saying them altogether, honestly.

The longest word composed entirely of vowels is the word “euouae.”

The word "Complicated" has 430 separate definitions, more than any other in the dictionary.

Why Should You Learn New Words?

Words are fun! Why not learn unique words and surprise your friends?

People with large vocabularies clearly express themselves and their feelings. They have better communication skills and get the right message across. With a plethora of words for the picking, you're never at a loss for something to say in almost any conversation.

A 2020 study from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at National Central University found that learning new words stimulates parts of the brain that make you smarter. Yes, you can impress all your friends (colleagues, bosses, supervisors, and others) as you expand your vocabulary knowledge.

Tools to Improve Your Writing

Adapting new words into your vocabulary enhances blog posts, articles, poetry, and other types of writing. Plus, learning new words is so much fun.

Friends also think of you as a smarter person when using these unique words in conversation. You feel smarter. You express yourself correctly.

Improve your writing using tools like Grammar Coach, Grammarly, and even a “My Words List” from Free and premium versions are available for all options.

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