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5 Beautiful Places Across the World

Beautiful locations located across the world offer intriguing surprise and awe when we visit them in person. Some of the most beautiful places in the world are in locations that some of us can never reach. We still have beautiful photos and inspiring stories from the web to treat us to the spectacular scenery. The five places below are among my top picks for the most beautiful places in the world.

Pamukkale, Turkey

A natural site in southwest Turkey, Pamukkale means “cotton castle.” The area is known for its carbonite minerals and hot springs, as well as immaculate beauty. Thousands of people visit Pamukkale every year.

Visitors also relish in mineral forests and petrified waterfalls. The dazzling white travertines of hard calcium deposits resemble a mountain of snow from a distance. These travertine terraces form pools of hot water that cascade over the cliffs.

Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain in Peru stands 5,200 meters above sea level. Venturing to the mountain requires a long trip by vehicle and an additional 1.5 to 3-mile hike. Upon arrival, the immense serenity of the seven-colored mountain makes the trip worthwhile.

The mountain was not always so colorful. The change occurred in the mid-2010s, climate change ultimately causing the formation of colors.

The seven colors of the mountain area due to mineralogical composition:

- Pink- Red clay

- Fangolitas-Mud

- Arilitas- Sand

- White-Quartzose, sandstone, marls rich in calcium carbonate

- Red-Claystone

- Green- Phyllites

- Brown- Fanglomerate composed of rock with magnesium

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is about three hours drive from Christchurch in Mackenzie Basin. A turquoise-colored lake underneath the Southern Alps, Lake Tekapo has an intense milky-turquoise color created by fine rock flour that’s suspended in water.

Part of the UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, Lake Tekapo is the perfect place to go for stargazing in the evening. By day the picturesque area provides visitors endless photo opps complete with mesmerizing backdrops you will cherish forever. By night, the dazzling lake stuns those up who bring their eye for beauty.

Upper Antelope

Anyone planning a Grand Canyon visit shouldn't miss the chance to visit the Upper Antelope. As you can see from the photos, Upper Antelope is a magical site of splendid beauty that you won't see every day.

Available only with guides, this tour takes you into a fantasy world of sandstone created by years of wind and water. Visitors enjoy spectacular views, geology, culture, and history information during the tour.

The Upper Antelope is located in Page, Arizona. Paying a guide for a tour of this location is well worth the money. Photos of the Upper Antelope look amazing but fail to capture the raw beauty you experience in person.

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is one of three sacred mountains in Japan. It is also the most popular and widely visited of the mountains. Mt. Fuji is an active volcano located 1000km from Tokyo. The last eruption occurred in 1707. Nearly 300,000 people visit Mt. Fuji each year, many of whom ascend to the top of the 3776- meter mountain.

Late evening and early morning hours during cold seasons provide the best glimpses of the mountain. Clouds often block the view of the mountain during other times of the year/day.

Which beautiful place from this list do you most like? Choosing one is not easy, that's for sure. Each location offers unique beauty and treasures for visitors. Sadly, I will enjoy them from afar, so long as Google continues to take me there. I hope some of you have the opportunity to visit as many beautiful places as possible during your lifetime.

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