Companies earn $2 for every $1 spent on copywriting services.

82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content.

Words Matter.

Over 80% of consumers find new businesses and products online. They have choices when searching online. That's why every word on your website should emphasize your brand, prove why you outshine the competition.


Your web copy should dive right into a conversation the customer is having in their head before visiting your website. In other words, your web copy should elaborate on the thoughts and ideas consumers already have.

Answer questions before customers ask. Captivate readers with fresh, power-packed words. Stand out from the competition, many of which splatter a few words onto their website and call it a day.

That doesn't work. Unless, of course, your idea of 'work' is to send customers to your competition. Consumers know they have choices as close as a click of the mouse.

Are you comfortable being labeled another boring company that can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk? Or do you want to be a company that customers can count on to go excel expectations?


Distinguish yourself as an industry leader with custom-crafted copy from MJEK Marketing.

My business is to know your business while you tend to other important business things! Great copy is more than words. It’s a combination of research, understanding, and information.

As a writer who shares the same passions for your business as you, I  take time to understand your audience, industry, and your brand. I then turn this information into custom-crafted content that finishes the conversation your customer started in their mind. Customers get a solution to their needs.

Conversion-driven copy from MJEK Marketing evokes powerful emotions in the reader, instantly distinguishing your company from the competition. They immediately feel a connection, drawing worthwhile impressions in that 55-millisecond timeframe consumers take before judging your company.

Hire me for copywriting service when you need deliberately chosen words that do all the right things for your company: generate more leads, convert leads to paying customers, increase your profits, AND take your business to the top of the industry.

With copy crafted by MJEK Marketing, customers know they’re in the right place from the second they meet your company. They feel content and comfortable, informed and important.


Companies lose customers if they do not craft meaningful content for their audience. Customer view them as merely another company in a sea of usual mediocre choices.


Strut in like you own the place with captivating, fresh content from MJEK Marketing. 


I know words. I know your audience and what they want.

Catchy headlines. Captivating words. SEO-optimized for high search engine ranking. I mix just the right combination of information and fun into each piece of content.

I'll craft words for all your copywriting needs.

Build brand awareness. Drive website traffic. Reach more people on social media.

Great copy does this for your company. 

I write the words that get your company noticed. Order one piece of content or get the online company-building party started with fresh content on all your channels with my regular content writing service. Need copy not included on this list? Contact me today!

Copywriting Services

MJEK Marketing has captivating words for all your copywriting needs.

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What to Expect From MJEK Marketing

The Write Words

I am drawn to social issues with the hope that my words can make an impact in the world. Favorite topics include homelessness and domestic violence. I also do my best work in niches like business, home and family, and psychology, although my colorful personality allows me to craft words for almost any industry.

MJEK Marketing has the right words for your brand!