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About MJEK Marketing

Nice to Meet You!

Hi! My name is Amanda, owner and operator of MJEK Marketing. A country girl at heart with a flare for big city living, I began my journey as a professional writer in 2006 in Nashville, Tennessee and now operate out of colorful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Writing has always been a passion.  As teens, my best friend and I would spend hours on the phone discussing our newest poem or writing. At age 13, my poem, "I'd Rather End Up Last," was nationally published   Writing is kind of my thing, a hobby as well as a job. I am so excited to begin this journey of growth with your brand. 

Dedicated Copywriting Service

It's refreshing to work with someone who understands your hopes and dreams, who wants your brand to succeed as much as you. I give what I expect and that's a great product at a great price. But, I don't forget how important YOU are. I strive to provide personalized attention and professionalism to each client. Larger companies see you as another dollar. Why not save money and enjoy personal service working with me?

What Kind of Name is MJEK?

MJEK is an acroynm for magic and also the first letter of each of my four children's names. I chose this name because each of them have inspired me to be better; to do better; to do magical things in life. I use that inspiration to craft words designed with company growth in mind. I put magic words in the right place, capturing the essence of your business. Magical growth is the result. Yes, it's all mjek around here!

That's What I Like

Thought-provoking conversation makes my heart thump, although as someone filled with endless useless information, I appreciate aimless small talk as well.

Food can always have its way with me, whether I’m cooking or eating. I must tell you, though, the day tossable, paper cookware becomes a thing is the day my life is truly complete.

Simplicity is best for me, although age likely changed that. I need four non-breathing things in my life and that’s music, a good book, paper, and a GOOD ink pen.  Ink pens are not created equally, you know? With these things, I’m most happy. Soon, I’ll be lost in enchantment in my world of words hand-picked from the heart.

I like Stephen King, Maya Angelou, tacos from the taco truck down the street, truth-seekers and tellers, people who aren't afraid to stand for what they believe in, and Coca-Cola to wash it all down.

I like money for college funds more than expensive things, but buying that Coach bag is not something I regret. YOLO

I like watching The Golden Girls reruns and have probably seen each episode at least 382 times. Betty White inspires me to live my best life and I can only hope I'm half the woman she is at 99 years young. I laugh hardest watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show but Big Bang Theory is a close, close second.

I cry watching The Lion King.  Every. Single. Time. Really, Scar? Really? Your OWN brother? Take my tears away with the CARS movie. You know? Like tuh-mater. Without the tuh.


I like candles, especially the Bath & Body Works Strawberry Pound Cake scented candle. Trust me when I say this candle ignites a flame inside your tastebuds and fills the home with uh-mazing scents.

I like (okay, you got me, LOVE) my rescue cat Z, who is certain he's a dog. He growls at strangers and the mailman, fetches balls, and loves hearing that he's a good boy. He's almost barked on at least two occassions! (No, seriously.) His brother Marls isn't so bad, either.

Empahtatic Realist. Words Nerd. Call me what you will. Just call me for your writing needs.