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Copywriting is my core service, although I offer additional services designed with your business growth in mind.


Website success boils down to the strategy and words used in copywriting across your channels. Using proven copywriting practices and persuasive words, I turn web visitors into lifelong customers.

Content Writing 

Lasting impressions start with magic words across your digital channels. MJEK Marketing understands your audience. I create memorable mjek!  


Write a blog. Get more leads. Customers not only trust companies with blogs, they give them business. If you want to generate 126% more leads, hire me to craft regular blog posts.

Social Media Management 

Harness the power of meaningful relationships with a strong social media presence. Grow your audience, build trust, and drive your businesses bottom line with a strong social media presence.

Responsive Website Design

Your website is the face of your brand and heart of your business. It should tell your company's story using the right elements, colors, and captivating words. I offer user-friendly responsive website design.

Additional Services

MJEK Marketing is here to help your business build grow through the magic of digital marketing. I offer additional services designed with your business growth in mind.

100% Unique SEO-Optimized Content
Custom-Crafted, Engaging Words
Serving Most Industries.
Fast Turnaround
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78% of consumers believe that organizations providing freshly updated, custom content are interested in building better customer relationships.

Build personable, lasting customer relationships with crafted content from MJEK Marketing

Need Killer Content?

Short blogs. Long blog posts. Web copy. Product descriptions. Landing pages. Social media posts. Bulk content. Responsive website design. Logos. Social media management. Brochures. Newsletters. MJEK Marketing crafts captivating, conversion-driven content for all your digital channels.  day package.


"A Writer, I think is someone who understands the world." -

Susan Sontag



"Amanda created my website content. I was pleased with both quality and cost. It's like she took the words right out of my mouth." 

Cristal Malek

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